“Sharely helps you increase targeted store traffic and build retargeting audiences by ethically sharing content created by others. It makes content marketing a joy, not a chore.”

Share content, boost traffic, retarget, increase sales.

Share quality content you've found online to drive more targeted prospects to your store. Retarget to create an ever-growing stream of prospects, all aimed at boosting sales. No more researching, writing and proof reading because the amount of quality content your audience will love is endless.

  1. 1
    Find content to share

    Use normal search sites to search for content your ideal customer will enjoy or be interested in such as articles, tutorials, videos and influencer content.

  2. 2
    Create and share a short link

    Generate a short link that points to the content you want to share. Share it on social media, email, SMS or other marketing channels. Use hashtags to reach your target audience.

  3. 3
    Get visitors

    Everyone who clicks your link will see your offer BEFORE being redirected to the content you shared AND they will be added to all your retargeting pots. Retarget this audience for an ever-increasing number of prospects who will see your advertising for days, weeks or months.

Sharely In Use.

Ethically share quality content created by others to drive traffic to your store and building your retargeting audiences with every click. Everyone who clicks your link is added to your retargeting pot. Sharely supports all advertising platform pixels including Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and AdRoll.

We're passionate about Sharely supporting 100% ethical sharing. Unlike other providers, Sharely never "hijacks" content by placing your ads over the content you shared. Instead, Sharely presents your offer BEFORE redirecting to the shared content in the normal way. It's a win-win-win. You win. Your visitor wins. The content creator wins.

Your visitor can choose to view your offer, proceed to the content you shared, or both. The choice is theirs.

Example - Tymber

Amazing and unique wooden products from Australian company, Tymber.

Tymber use Sharely to share a link to a men's fashion article from the GQ website with their blog and social media audiences. It's the perfect way to leverage quality content.

4 Ways to Hack Your Go-To Navy Suit for a Night Out

Example - Kase.com

The world's thinnest iPhone case, supplied by Kase.com.

Kase.com use Sharely to share a link to an article about cordless charging on the Macrumours website. They show a discount offer before the visitor is redirected.

Two-Way Wireless Charging and Larger Batteries Coming to 2019 iPhones

Example - Daisy the Spaniel

Demo store. Beautiful canvas prints of Daisy the cocker spaniel.

This example shows that the banner can be completely customized. Start with one of our mobile ready templates then add your brand identity.

Passionate about helping you raise a happy, healthy, well-mannered cocker spaniel

Out of the box...

Leverage quality content

Ethically share quality content to drive targeted traffic to your store with the aim of increasing sales. Preceed every link you share with a branded banner linked to your store.


Add your retargeting pixels to every link your share, including Facebook, AdRoll and all others. As more people click, build an ever growing number of targeted prospects.

Multiple campaigns

Set up any number of campaigns, each with its own links, banners and retargeting profiles. Great for businesses with multiple brands, websites or marketing strategies.


Sharely tracks the clicks on your shared links and the visits back to your store. No more guesswork as you'll know what sort of content is best to share for attracting prospects.

Mobile Ready

Out of the box, your offer banners are designed to display correctly on mobile devices. That's vital as the unstoppable move to mobile shows no sign of slowing.

In-App Support

We're always happy to help with questions and to receive suggestions to improve our apps. Why? Because we want to ensure you gain maximum benefit from using our apps.

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